Using photos to create wallpaper

Parents love decorating their home with framed photographs, but why not take it to the next level and blow it up to wallpaper-size instead?  Better Wallpaper, a UK company is doing exactly this service, they will take a digital image file, print it onto wallpaper and deliver it to your doorstep.

You can customize the wallpaper size to whatever you prefer (though anyone trying to cover an area larger than 20 square meters is advised to contact the company for more detailed specifications). The company handles both UK and international orders, and will provide a PDF proof of the final product before it proceeds with the final printing.

The wallpaper comes with a 7-year no-fade guarantee, which is a longer lifespan than most framed photographs, and by then your kids will be embarrassed to be on the wall anyway. Now you just have to decide which wall(s) you’re ready to wallpaper and what to put on them.

The price varies with size, but as an example, a printed sheet 1.5 meters x 1.5 meters costs £90. Contact Better Wallpaper for a quote.

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