US mum joins fight to change the face of beauty for son with Down syndrome

When a modelling agency wouldn’t submit her son’s photos for a popular kid’s clothing ad campaign because he has Down syndrome, Meaghan Nash didn’t let it rest there.

The US mum shared her disappointment at the rejection with photos of her gorgeous 15-month-old son Asher online, and the post went viral.

In July, Meaghan submitted photos to an agency working on a campaign for OshKosh B’Gosh because she wanted the world to see how amazing her son, and others who have Down syndrome, are.

But the agency refused to even submit the photos of Asher because OshKosh hadn’t specified it wanted a baby with special needs.

Mum takes a stand

The response hit a nerve with the passionate mum so she decided to see what others thought via not-for-profit group Changing the Face of Beauty.

The story was then picked up by Facebook page Kids with Down Syndrome, who shared this post.

The post encouraged followers to share.

“Let’s find out how he can model for OshKosh B’gosh and show the world what he’s made of,” the post said.

Strong response

The reaction to Asher’s story and photos was strong.

The post received more than 102,000 reactions, was shared more than 125,000 times and received more than 6000 comments.

“Awe My God!! He’s so cute!!!!! I love him!!” one commenter, Wilhelmina Kelly wrote. “His smile is so precious!! I am so blessed to be a mom of a Downy baby girl! Our children are the most beautiful children. Their smiles alone can melt the coldest hearts, I’m telling you!!”

Another commenter, Rebecca Cole wrote: “Good grief! ‘HADN’T REQUESTED A SPECIAL NEEDS KID’?!?! He is a child being submitted for a CHILD model position! Why did they have to see him as only special instead of just an adorable little boy? That just shows how ignorant that recruiter is.”

What’s next?

Thankfully, this story has a very happy next chapter as OshKosh heard Asher’s story and arranged to meet with him and his mum.

“We agree there is an opportunity for greater representation of children with special needs in advertising,” OshKosh said in a statement to Fox 11.

“We look forward to meeting with Asher and his family, as well as taking steps to enhance the representation of diverse children in our marketing.”

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