Update – ten new Imprintables personalised stamps

Having personally owned Imprintables stationery, I can vouch for the inspiring quality and gorgeous designs.

We first cottoned on to Imprintables back in January last year, then updated you when they released their new personalised stamps. Now there are ten new designs available featuring cupcakes, owls, lollipops, pears, birds or cherries and a few plain styles with beautiful borders. These will suit a younger child or all people with a great sense of cute style.

Each personalised stamp is $45, including a stamp pad, plus post from Imprintables. The elegant original release stamps are still available, of course. I love these for an older child… or perhaps me! Sigh – Audrey is what we would have called our first child if a girl. It still looks so lovely to me up there in pretty Imprintables ink.

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