Update – Lou’s Shoes now have an Australian stockist!

Lou's Shoes at Trifle

Lou's Shoes - Gaileo boots

My growing baby and toddler shoe obsession is old news here at Babyology, so here is some actual news instead – Lou’s Shoes now have an Australian stockist.

Lou’s Shoes didn’t have to come too far before – just across the ditch. But closer is always better, so we’re pleased to announce that Trifle is the first and exclusive Australian stockist for Lou’s Shoes.

When we first reviewed them right at the beginning of 2011, we were taken with their originality and craftsmanship, and nothing has changed on that front. The shoes are still handcrafted in the same workshop in Dunedin, New Zealand, and they still range from outrageous (above) to sweet and classic (below).

What’s more, for a handmade pair of leather baby shoes, the prices are hard to beat! Baby brogues and penny loafers are only $39.95, while boots and gaiters (like those above) come in at $49.95. Pick them up here in Australia from Trifle, who ship for free.

Note – between writing and publishing, Trifle has unfortunately closed down. These delightful shoes are well worth buying from Lou’s Shoes direct, who ship to Australia from New Zealand.

Lou's Shoes at Trifle

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