Update – Joolz Bloom Promo Video

I like any excuse to watch a product in action, and fellow pram afficionados out there may appreciate the slight strangeness that is the new Joolz Bloom promo video. Featuring a lady strolling through a black and white virtual neighbourhood with her child in a taupe Joolz Bloom, it attempts to illustrate the ease of a day with a toddler in the Bloom. The feel-good soundtrack will have you imagining a cheesy montage featuring you and your own beloved babes!

Whilst some might question a promotion which shows a child walking next to the stroller rather than riding in it, I think this is a normal part of the transition to toddlerhood – you still need the pram around but the child needs some freedom to walk. We mostly see adorable, immobile four-month-old babies in pram advertising so it’s nice to see a company choosing a different angle, even if the video is offbeat.

Check it out and tell us what you think, and while you’re at it, have a look at our past features in August and November 2007.

(Via Daddy Types)


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