Update – Boon Fine Dining in Australia


you’re a regular babyology reader, you’ll know we are fans already of
the innovative and funky designs that Boon produce — we recently
featured their Flair highchairs. Well, you can start drooling all over again because Boon released their new line of feeding products in October and they have just arrived in Asutralia. 

One of my favourites in the range is the Catch Bowl with the built-in food catcher that extends towards your child. This helps funnel food back into the bowl. The suction cup on the bottom of the bowl also helps stability of the bowl to avoid spills. This morning’s breakfast was a treat to watch as my toddler ate her Weetbix and yoghurt and I didn’t have to clean down her entire torso once she was finished. She did think the bowl resembled a hat and put it on her head once I unsuctioned it from the high chair but that’s another issue altogether.

Like nothing you have seen before, take a look at the food dispensing spoon, Squirt.
Not only does it look great, but an innovation in design, especially
useful when you are out and about with your baby. No more packing up
food, spoon and bowl separately — it’s literally all in one with the
food packed into the handle and dispensed directly onto the spoon
itself. I tried using it to feed my 6 month old, which was great as it gave me a spare hand to hold down little arms that tend to go everywhere at that age.

Other items in this new range are the Snack Ball, Fluid, Benders, ModWare & Groovy.

Everything matches in the range so the Groovy and the ModWear would look great next to each other, or the Catch Bowl and Benders are a perfect match… Okay, it’s getting obvious I would love to have the whole
range, it’s just so beautifully designed!

The range is very affordable with the RRP on each item being Squirt ($14.99), Fluid ($14.99), Benders ($9.99), Catch Bowl ($14.99), Snack Ball ($14.99), ModWare ($9.99) and Groovy Plate($24.99).

The good news is the Boon range is now available from Urban Baby locally.


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