Update – Evoz Baby Monitor – ships from 4 October!

Evoz baby monitor

The baby monitor which inspired Babyologists everywhere will finally be available for purchase, shipping from 4 October!

Here’s what we said about Evoz when we first discovered it:

The Evoz baby monitor takes advantage of modern technologies without the clumsiness of having to position cameras and speakers. Evoz works like this – a small monitor, with a ‘cleverness capacity’ equivalent to an iPhone, is plugged into an outlet in your baby’s room. The monitor includes an always-on application that allows you to call in from anywhere in the world to hear how your baby is sleeping (or exactly how hard he or she is crying).

The application also allows you to receive optional alerts via SMS or email whenever your baby cries for longer than a specified time, for example five minutes – handy if you’re out to dinner and want to call the babysitter to ask how things are going!

The application automatically collects data on the sleeping and crying behaviour of your baby. It can be analysed over time and also compared to ‘average’ behaviour of babies the same age (Listen up sleep-deprived parents, too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing!).

If you don’t have two iOS devices such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can order one of a choice of three monitors to place in your baby’s room – there’s the Basic (US$120), Standard ($160) and the Premium ($180) all of which have different features and listening plans.

If you do have two devices, just choose a Subscription Plan and you’ll never miss a gurgle or cry again. It’s the way of the future of baby monitoring and it’s here!

Evoz baby monitor

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