Unique project teaches girls that strong is the new pretty


A photographer has charted her two daughters’ childhoods through the lens, and the result is a series of powerful images depicting girls as anything but the fairer sex.

As a society, we’ve never been more aware of, or more keen to stamp out gender inequality. Regardless, we still maintain stereotypes, in particular, when it comes to children and childhood. Boys are rough, tough, brash, bold, brave. Girls are meek, mild, well-mannered, easily breakable.


An American photographer has created a series of incredibly moving images of her daughters, proving girls have guts – and that Strong is the New Pretty.


The photos Kate T. Parker has taken of her daughters are hauntingly beautiful, and the Atlanta-based photographer says she wanted the images to show their “boldness, their strength and the beauty in them”.


Kate points out that her daughters “don’t need to have their hair done, clothes matching, or even be clean to be loved or accepted”.


So, gone are the traditional girlhood mainstays of frilly dresses, dolls and sparkly shoes.


While Kate isn’t insinuating these are wrong or don’t have a place in a girl’s life, she told the Huffington Post, “I wanted to show the beauty, uniqueness and strength of my girls and their friends as they truly are: messy hair, dirty faces, angry, joyous -whatever it was, I wanted to capture it”.


The result is a snapshot of childhood, in all its raw glory. There are faces dripping in joy, and eyes of glowering intensity. Bodies contorted in all of the physical delight of bike riding, skating and swimming.


The images are truly genderless, and therein lies their beauty.




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