UNICEF Kid Power app lets kids help change the world

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The thought of kids using technology often brings to mind worries about too much screen time, violent video games and the like. But UNICEF is inspiring kids to use technology to a new end: to bring about social change for kids less advantaged than they are, and there’s big dose of exercise thrown in for good measure.

The UNICEF Kid Power program inspires kids in America to get active, and the more activity they do, the more they can help kids in developing countries.

For kids, the UNICEF Kid Power mission is simple: wear a wristband and walk, run, jump, dance and skip. The wristbands count kids’ steps, and each step earns Kid Power Points which, through the magic of funding partners like Disney and Target, unlock therapeutic food packets to feed severely malnourished kids around the world.

Unicef kid power

Kids can join teams with family members and others in their community, or the program runs through schools where kids discuss topics like nutrition and exercise. To date over 12000 kids participate in the program, and they’ve unlocked nearly 190,000 food packets, which is pretty spectacular. UNICEF will soon be launching an app to help teams all over the country collaborate and inspire each other.

The UNICEF Kid Power program is a wonderful way to teach kids empathy and to get them thinking about the way others around the world live. At the moment the program is only running in the States and there are currently no plans to bring it to Australia.

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