Umbilical cord art is now a thing – but could you stomach it?

There’s no middle ground on this one, Babyologists – you’re either going to think it’s beautiful or bizarre. Mums are posting images of the latest afterbirth trend on social media, creating art using their newborn’s umbilical cords. These mums are taking baby keepsakes to a whole new level – and a warning if you’re currently eating, best put down that food before looking through this post.

Straight from the Strange But True Files, much like placenta pills and breastmilk jewellery, there are plenty of mums jumping on the #cordkeepsake bandwagon.


Umbilical cord keepsake made with love πŸ’— #placentaencapsulation #cordkeepsake #rawlove

A photo posted by Womyn’s Medicine (@womyns_medicine) on

While the umbilical cord is still pliable and relatively fresh, mums are able to twist it into all manner of shapes or words, and then slowly dry it out in the oven to preserve it.

The first step is to wash and shape the cord – love hearts seems to be a popular choice.


My Umbilical love and bond forever for my son! #cordkeepsake

A photo posted by Marija Karan (@marakaran) on

Then comes the baking. Best make sure dinner is already done.


Can you see the two arteries and the one vein? β˜€οΈπŸŒ€πŸ’– This spiral cord keepsake shows the intricate circulatory system that makes up the umbilical cord; our baby’s lifeline in utero πŸ’œ The dark spots are blood caught in the cord before it was shaped and dehydrated for at least 12 hours πŸ’› This is a complimentary service mamas may choose when they book the placenta encapsulation service πŸ’ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ΆπŸ’œ #cord #cordkeepsake #umbilicalcord #inutero #placenta #placentaart #placentalife #placentalove #placentawise #placentaencapsulation #placentamedicine #placentacapsules #newbaby #newmama #postpartum #postnatal #babymoon #babieseverywhere #perth #perthdoula #perthsplacentalady #placentaencapsulationperth #placentaencapsulationspecialist #bodywisebirthwise

A photo posted by BodyWise BirthWise (@bodywise_birthwise) on


Sunset cord keepsake pic. The clamp was still attached to this one so i incorporated it into the word ‘Love’

A photo posted by Mackay Postnatal Support (@mackaypostnatalsupport) on

Then it’s time to admire your handiwork!


A photo posted by Liyoon Yap (@fussytummy) on

I’ll admit, I kept the stub of umbilical cord from both of my children when it fell off a couple of weeks after birth, and my husband thinks it’s abhorrent – I’ll be sure to share these images with him!

(Feature image courtesy Placenta Plus)

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