Is this the ultimate trick to get your baby to sleep?

Sleeping baby hack

Sleep-deprived parents behold – this could be the answer to your prayers. There are no fancy gadgets and it involves you doing absolutely nothing. Literally. 

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got a baby that’s a bit of a night owl. And when I say night owl, I actually mean more of a screeching bat, or some other loud, nocturnal creature. We see your bloodshot eyes, and your double shot latte. And we have your backs!

We’ve previously featured some pretty ingenious ways to get your baby off to the land of nod. There was the tissue paper trick, a nifty gadget aimed at getting babies to snooze in prams, and Australia’s baby experts revealing their top sleep tips for babies and toddler. There was even the controversial chart that dictates how much sleep your child should be getting.

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But one Reddit user has lifted the lid on her rather elementary way of getting her bub to sleep. NoItsReallyTrue says she’s had great success by simply pretending she’s asleep. That’s it.

Your baby might fall asleep easier if you pretend to be asleep. from Parenting

Some responders to the original post claim it’s actually an evolutionary hangover – and of course, SIDS and Kids does recommend babies sleep in the same room as parents for the first six to twelve months.

Comments included:

‘Babies and young children mimic the breathing patterns of adults nearby them, hence why having a baby sleep in the same room as the parents is considered a factor in preventing SIDS. I get my baby to nap by lying beside her in bed and taking long slow deep breaths – she relaxes and soon falls asleep. It’s a great trick that should be included in a manual for every parent.’ MayaTheBeeotch

Of course, there are many of us who actually do fall asleep while putting our kids to bed – it’s pretty hard not to when you’re exhausted and warm and comfy having cuddles!

‘This happens to me multiple times a week. Then wake up over an hour later, 18 month old passed out in my lap and my neck killing me because we’re sitting on a couch and I have no head/neck support.’ kittyraces

‘My two-year-old pokes me in the eyes if I pretend to be asleep.’ Rose1982

But one commenter provided a clever hack to prevent the possibility of slipping into slumber while pretending to sleep: ‘I usually put my phone on vibrate and set an alarm for 30-45 minutes, just in case I do fall asleep.’ GaudyBass94

What do you think? Does this trick work for you?

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