The ultimate guide to shopping for a maternity bra

Before the baby bump, before the stretch marks, before the need to wee every ten minutes, there comes a change in bust. For many expecting mums, it’s an increase in breast size and soreness that marks the start of a very exciting journey ahead.

With the help of professional bra fitter and expert Triumph bra stylist, Paula Svoboda, we have put together the ultimate guide to maternity bra selection. It will ensure you are comfortable and confident with your new assets, from pregnancy through to breastfeeding and beyond.

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What is going on with my breasts?

Blame the baby. Or the wee little bean who has taken up residence in your uterus. Breast soreness and an increase in size is completely normal, especially in the first trimester. And, as your breasts get bigger you may find that your normal bras don’t give you support or comfort anymore.

“If wearing a wire, the wire may be digging into the breast due to the increase in size and the under-band can also feel very tight,” Sydney-based bra stylist, Paula explains. Many new mums will stay away from underwire styles at this stage as they can cause discomfort.

So, when should I buy a new bra?

“Usually twelve weeks into the pregnancy is when women find their bras are uncomfortable,” Paula tells Babyology. Also at this stage, hormones start to settle down and symptoms start to ease, including the ever-expanding breast dilemma.

Do I need to get professionally fitted?

In one word – yes. “Women should get fitted every time they buy a bra,” Paula suggests, especially after losing or gaining weight. When buying a maternity bra it’s a good idea to get fitted three times – once around 12 weeks, once a month before bub is born and then again about six weeks after finishing weaning.

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What should I look for in a maternity bra?

Three things – comfort, convenience and adjustability. Your breasts are going to be busy over the next few months and they are bound to change size. Look for a bra that allows you easy access for quick feeds, that provides plenty of comfort and that accommodates your changing shape.

We recommend checking out Triumph’s range of maternity bras including the gorgeous Mama Lace wire-free bra and the popular Mamabel wire-free bra with cross-cross option.

Paula tells us, “Their bras are wireless with soft micro-feel fabric for superb comfort. They feature drop down feeding cups with side support sling for ease of feeding and six adjustable hooks to accommodate for natural changes in bust size during and post pregnancy.”

What about after having the bub and breastfeeding?

You’ll be looking for comfort, support and a little bit of ‘oomph’, most likely. But every woman’s body is different after breastfeeding and baby, so it will depend on how your breasts have handled the change. And this is exactly why Triumph have developed their Magic Boost collection.

Triumph’s new Magic Boost collection includes the ‘Lift-Up’, ‘Push-Up’ and ‘Shape-Up’, all designed to add volume, perkiness and shape, especially after the breastfeeding journey has come to and end.

As Paula explains, they “use a soft touch flexi wire, rather than the traditional metal wire. It gives you the support of a wired bra, with the feeling of none.”

Triumph BOOBS

My poor boobs are in desperate need of a lift. What are my options?

What comes up, must eventually go down and this usually happens to your breasts when you end your breastfeeding journey. But the right bra can make all the difference.

Many mums rave about the “Lift-Up” which offers graduated padding that gently lifts from the front and sides. It brings all the fullness of the breast to the top of the cups, creating a perfect balconette shape.  If you want a lift and padding, then the “Push-Up” is the best option. Then there is the “Shape-Up” which creates a beautiful natural rounded shape and is designed for mums with a fuller bust.

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“In addition to the above, some of the most popular bras, including the Amourette [above] come in a Wire Free design, featuring stunning stretch lace and a beautiful decorative neckline,” Paula explains.

So, as it turns out, it is possible to not only find a comfortable mum bra, but one that makes you feel pretty special too!

Let’s face it mums, your breasts have been through the wars – they deserve something special for their efforts. Check out the range of maternity bras at Triumph. Thanks Paula for sharing your secrets with us!

(This is a sponsored post for Triumph)

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