Twitter’s in meltdown over Kylie Jenner’s “hidden” baby bump in Calvin Klein ad

Kardashian and Jenners for Calvin Klein

And look, we can’t say we blame them. Kylie Jenner continues to take her own confusing brand of privacy to new heights in the latest ads for Calvin Klein underwear, and people on Twitter are pretty much over the whole darn thing.

Keeping up

The Kardashian and Jenner women shot a very gorgeous, quilt-filled campaign for the heritage undies brand and it’s garnering the sort of attention that money simply can’t buy.

Photographed before an also pregnant Khloe was really showing, it features everyone in their smalls, with Kylie Jenner concealed underneath the covers, her belly hidden from prying eyes.

The campaign marks a sort of reemergence for Kylie, who’s been taking a sabbatical from public life. Fans are excited to see her, but they have questions. So many questions. And quite a lot of strong feelings too.

“Hunny, why?”

Some people are begging Kylie to confirm her pregnancy and spill the gosh-danged beans already.

“Expose Kylie’s belly NOWWWW,” one crazy person fan yelled.

Kimmy, hunny, why we covering Kylie’s tummy? I need answers,” another demanded.

Some people are wondering just who Kylie thinks she is and why she deems her baby bump so special and god they’re just BORED by the #bumpgate situation:

“This whole Kylie hiding her stomach is really old and boring now! Who actually cares?! If she’s pregnant she’s pregnant congratulations. She’s not the first girl to be pregnant, defs won’t be the last so this whole secret stuff got to stop! You’d think she was royalty the way she’s acting,” one cross follower wrote.

(NB: Seems like that person cares a lot, for someone who says ‘who cares?’ TBH.)


Some people were elated, seeing this as further confirmation that a baby Kylie is almost here.

“Kylie either hiding her stomach cause she pregnant or because she’s pregnant!” they wrote.

Others still were afraid to trust and take a chance on love:

“OK, if Kylie isn’t preggers I’m am going to have a full blown White Chicks B*tch Fit.”

Many are very closely scrutinising all the released images from the CK shoot, adding weight to the many Konspiracy theories that are swirling. It’s the Kardashian version of Cluedo … Kluedo, if you will.

We also must point out that this is possibly the most high-profile, under-the-radar pregnancy in the history of pregnancies and under-the-radar things!

We await further missives from the Kardashian-Jenner Klubhouse, with bated breath as its rumoured Kylie’s baby is due very, very soon. If he/she’s not already here. If Kylie is pregnant. #Konfusing

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