The tweets that sum up the joys of parenting in 140 characters or less

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Social media is filled with helpful hints, inspirational quotes and loving advice on how to be a perfect parent and raise the perfect child. But social media is also chock full of hilarious parenting fails.

And this is what we prefer to focus on.

When it comes to awkward, awful and downright awesome parenting moments,  Twitter never disappoints. These are the tweets that all parents will understand, because we’ve all been there (no inspirational quotes allowed).

When your child’s breakfast request is completely rational.

Because who wouldn’t love a big bowl of soggy sultanas?

When your weekend golfing session goes perfectly to plan.

18 rounds of family fun.

When you decide to take your kids camping and do some self-reflection during your time away.

And also practice your drawing skills as well.

When you realise ignorance is bliss.

And geckos are jerks.

When you deserve a gold star for your attention to personal hygiene.

And oral hygiene especially.

When your ability to do arts and crafts revolves around toilet paper rolls.

Rocket ships. Castles. Animals. The possibilities are endless, you know, for those who can work a hot glue gun and also stand the sight of glitter.

So I’m out.

When your idea of a perfect gift comes in a green box.

And it’s a mop.

Not a box of wine.

When your choice in television programs takes a drastic turn for the worse.

At least it’s not Caillou. Don’t even get me started on Caillou.

When you go for a road trip with your kids.

And finally understand what Dante was talking about! See mums and dads –  literature wasn’t completely useless after all!

When toilet humour takes on a whole new meaning.

Even after the end of nappies, life still revolves around poop.

When you get to practice your negotiation skills on your kids.

And you’re clearly nailing it.

When your child’s literary ability impresses the pants off you.

Come on, that’s just clever!

When you realise that having children means you don’t even have time to track your periods.

Every. Single. Month.

And, finally, when you realise just how sad the parenting statistics really are.

You pretty much have a zero per cent chance of getting through to the kids.

Unless chocolate is involved.

If you haven’t checked out our post on the very best 14 parenting Twitter fails from celebrities, then we highly recommend that you do! We also love the #mykidisweird hashtag, thanks to the always hilarious dad, Jimmy Fallon.

Because life with kids is fun. But it’s even more entertaining when you realise that other parents are failing just as badly as you.

(top image via Full Metal Mommy)

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