The TV dads who rock the whole being a father thing

They are the TV dads we love to watch. Whether they make us laugh, make us cry, show us right from wrong by summing up the moral at the end of an episode or embody examples of what not to do, they stand out.

Some remind us of our own fathers or our husbands as they embrace their roles as daddies.

I’m sure we all know a Mike Brady dad, always ready with a life lesson, or maybe a Ray Romano, who’d rather outsource the discipline to mum and go for a round of golf.

Then there are the daggy Phil Dunphy dads, so fiercely determined to be rockstar fathers that their inner nerds shine at every attempt to be cool.

And what about those Homer Simpsons, couch potato dads who are as loveable as they are lazy.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite TV dads of all time. Which ones make an appearance at your place?

1. Mike Brady, The Brady Bunch

Mike Brady

Mike Brady has a level-headed wholesome parenting style delivering the moral to every story in way that is clear. He balances his roles as dad and stepdad in a way that is fair and kind. While to many his polished approach in The Brady Bunch seems unattainable, we can all appreciate that sweet side to fantastic fathers.

2. Burt Hummel, Glee

Burt Hummel

Glee’s Burt Hummel is the dad you want in your corner when small-minded people think they can put you down. His unwavering support for his gay son Kurt, as he meets discrimination for his sexuality, is epic. His reaction as his son finally says out loud, “I’m gay”, was one of the more poignant moments in a show full of musical numbers and teenage drama.

“I’ve known since you were three. All you wanted for your birthday was a pair of sensible heels. I guess I’m not totally in love with the idea, but, if that’s who you are, there’s nothing I can do about it. And I love you just as much. Ok?”.

3. Phil Dunphy, Modern Family


Modern family’s Phil Dunphy is the daggy dad everyone needs. He is loveable and cringe-worthy all at once and his attempts to be the ‘cool dad’ only emphasises how far from reaching that title he really is. Merely writing down Dunphyisms does not do them justice so check out this hilarious  Huffington Post mash-up posted to Youtube.

4. Danny Tanner, Full House

Danny Tanner

Full House’s Danny Tanner is the juggler. Whether you believe the gender divide on multitasking or not, this single dad gets the job done. It may be messy, chaotic and a little crazy but he keeps going, always putting his children first.

5. Homer Simpson, The Simpsons


The Simpson’s leading dad Homer may be lazy, always hungry and partial to a few beers or ten but, look beyond the bulging belly and, there is one almighty big heart. He has a short fuse and struggles to comprehend most things but, when put to the test, he always comes out on top for his family. He is also never short a catchphrase, ‘DOH!’.

6. Ray Barone, Everybody Loves Raymond

Ray Barone

Ray Barone brings us the sports-obsessed dad getting through each day doing as little as possible. He navigates parenthood under the watchful eyes of his wife and totally coddled by his mother. And, while he may be at the centre of many family conflicts, he always emerges unscathed. We love him because what you see is what you get.

Who is your favourite TV dad? Let us know.

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