Turns out, it is possible to sneeze out spaghetti – just ask these babies

Mealtimes with kids can be a pretty messy situation. And if these gifs don’t convince you, nothing will. Welcome to our collection of babies sneezing pasta out of their noses. You’ve been warned.

We’ve all had that awkward and gross moment in parenting. Sometimes it involves vomit. Other times it involves poop. For these parents, it involves pasta.

Father Steve Tate posted a video of his daughter Addison enjoying her first encounter with pasta during a Sunday family dinner. Clearly it didn’t go to plan.

And Addison isn’t the only baby to have trouble with spaghetti, which appears to have an uncanny ability to come out of the nose. Just ask these little dudes who also had similar experiences. Their encounters with pasta were recorded and posted on popular YouTube channel Kyoot Kids.


So, what is going on? Why does spaghetti appear to go in the mouth and out through the nose?

A curious writer over at The Verge investigated this strange phenomenon and reported that for babies “the connection between the mouth and the nose is not closed while they eat. As a result, unlike adults, babies can breathe and swallow at the same time. They can also more easily get food stuck up their noses because mouths and noses are connected.”

Well, there you go. And you thought it was too late in the day to learn something new.


So, what’s everyone having for tea tonight? I’m guessing spaghetti may be off the table…

Check out some of these other interesting reactions as little ones try various foods, such as cranberries, avocados and Vegemite.

(via The Verge)

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