Turning Japanese with Origami Mami Mobiles

rainbow serenity

Remember when the only place to see origami was naff Japanese restaurants –  except perhaps for that stage in school where you would bust out a few shapes during particularly boring science lessons? (Hmm, perhaps that was just me).

Anyway, considering our memories of most things origami are essentially relegated to the above, it might surprise you to know that these gorgeous mobiles are exactly that – intricate origami cranes.

Hand-folded from origami paper, the Origami Mami cranes are hung in a cascade of jewelled wire and come in a variety of different shades. I love that there are so many colour combos available, they’re sure to match any room! Also, if like me, you like to possess things no one else has, you’ll be pleased to know that no two mobiles are identical.

You can get one from All About Baby for $40 and considering cranes represent peace, long life, good luck and prosperity, they’d make the perfect shower present.

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