Turia Pitt’s pregnancy: “My parenting focus will be resilience, not happiness.”

Michael and Turia

Freaking excellent human Turia Pitt is due to have her first baby in December. Ahead of this new little person’s arrival, we thought we’d take a trip through her high-profile – miraculous – pregnancy.

A hard road

Turia confirmed she and fiancé Michael Hoskin were expecting a baby in an interview with 60 Minutes back in June. You may know that Turia – author of two books and all ’round legend – survived a terrible incident back in 2011.

A fast-moving grass fire trapped her, during an ultramarathon through Western Australia’s remote Kimberley region, and she sustained terrible burns to 65% of her body.

Since then, Turia’s undergone treatment and rehabilitation for her injuries, reclaimed her fitness and built a career on being rad and promoting resilience and wellness.

It’s with this excellent approach in mind, that we thought we’d tour you through some of the best bits of her pregnancy shares (via Instagram). Just in case you’re as freakishly excited about this ace couple’s baby news as we are ..!

(You can follow along a little more closely with Turia here.)

1. June: The pregnancy announcement

“All I wanted was a back rub!”

2. July: On safari in Africa

“We have a third wheel on all of our dates now (even on the African savannah).”

3. August: Planning ahead

“My parenting focus will be on resilience, not happiness.”

4. September: Talking body confidence and self-love

“How are you so confident?”, “I wish I could bottle your confidence!”

5. September: Visiting Uluru

“Found myself a new rock.”

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Found myself a new rock.

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6. October: Making contact

“Ummmm Michael, our baby is not E.T.”

7. October:  So wistful. Much goof. Very tag.

“When you think you’ve finally got the perfect couple shot, but then someone points out you’ve left the tag on your shirt.”

8. October: Nesting 101

“This whole Domestic Goddess thing is quite fetching on me.”

9. November:  Being totes arty  

“Now that I’ve got a proper baby bump I insist on total darkness in the house. This way I can create moody silhouettes whenever I please.”

10. November: Fashion tipper. Next stop, Vogue.

“No no, I’m not pregnant, I’m just wearing a dress with horizontal stripes”

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