Educational or plain wrong? People are freaking out over this pregnant doll

Pregnant doll

A pregnant doll is causing a stir online, with some wondering whether it’s demonising c-section birth and others saying it’s just plain scary.

Where babies come from?

The doll, sold on eBay and Amazon, is a sort of Barbie lookalike, with a bonus baby bump thrown in for good measure. The bump pops open and a newborn pokes out of an admittedly quite harrowing, gaping opening. For kids it’s possibly a really fun toy, but some adults are not so sure …

“That’s horrid lol, shouldn’t be for little kids,” one non-customer wrote.

“That’s a bit scary to me!” another admitted.

Pregnant Doll

“Baby doll inside”

We suppose that a toy depicting pregnancy is not such a terrible thing, and might be a helpful imaginative play pal for kids trying to get their heads around where babies come from.

But it all does go a bit pear-shaped from there, because babies don’t really poke out of a giant porthole in ladies’ bellies when they’re ready to make an appearance. And also the thigh gap. And the missing vagina/vulva/nipple/uterus/etc situation is problematic, in the whole “education” argument.

Okay, basically we’re not into this doll at all.

Pregnant Doll


The doll, which retails for $12.99 in the Mishine store on Amazon, is known as the keyword-dotted “Pregnant For Barbie Doll, Have a Baby In Her Tummy, Pregnant Tummy and Baby” in case you need to search it up one day. Obviously it’s not a Barbie, but it’s a Barbie-ish type doll, in terms of size and looks. Sort of. A little bit. Okay, no.

“Can be used an educational toy for children to learn about ‘where babies come from’,” the doll’s optimistic seller promises. “Tummy can be opened and the baby doll is inside.” 

Pregnant Doll

No big deal

Amidst the discussion, worrying and WTF-ing about the doll, were many comments from people who had played with similar dolls when they were little and thought this was a total storm in a teacup.

“I had one similar when I was a kid, but it had a ‘flat’ stomach that popped out when you took the baby out.
It’s just a toy, it’s up to parents to explain all the details to their kids,” one parent wrote.

“I remember these, my friend had one back in the late 80s early 90s. I’m sure there was a Barbie with twins too ,” another shrugged.

We kind of remember those too and indeed survived playing with them and were not scarred for life. (But we still think this doll is weird!)

How about you? What do you think about Ms Have-A-Baby-In-Her-Tummy? A bad idea, or a bit of harmless fun? Let us know over on Facebook.


Pregnant Doll



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