The truth about childbirth and postpartum bodies? This hilarious video nails it!


“I have suction cups attached to my nipples, squeezing out milk from my rock hard boobs. I fear nothing”. For any new mum or mum-to-be worried about what comes after childbirth, take notes! And be prepared to laugh.

So what really happens after baby arrives? Many new mums don’t like to talk about it… until now.  This hilarious mockumentary takes us on a two-and-a half minute musical journey through vaginal fallout, mastitis and the unspoken truth about the weeks following childbirth.

From the masterminds behind videos such as The Full Moon Party and The Camp Gyno comes HelloFlo’s latest advertising masterpiece – Postpartum: The Musical.  HelloFlo is an American delivery service specializing in fem care products for women.

This hilarious American advertisement details the journey of the first few weeks after childbirth as told from the point of view of a new mum/star of the show. The advertisement combines the style of Summer Heights High with the brutal honesty that all mums can relate to. After all, as much we love the newborn snuggles, the recovery after delivery is not as memorable.

The company is ingeniously promoting their  ‘New Mom Kit’, a survival box complete with nipple cream, nursing shirts and pads for new mums. However, it’s hard not to love this type of advertising, especially as the star of the show is so bang-on with her descriptions of postpartum inconveniences. From her quirky quips about her torn perineum to her devastatingly accurate account of The Six Week Checkup, it’s so easy relate to this average mum just telling the truth.

“I wanted to stick my nips in a tub of chapstick and stay there.”

Brilliant. What was the worst part of childbirth for you?


(via Upworthy)

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