The truth about your body after babies

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One is a celebrity. Another is a mother of twins. The third is a marathon runner. All of these mums have an important message to share. And it’s time we listen up!

Several mothers have stepped out to speak the truth that most of us mums already know but are too ashamed to show- childbirth changes your body. These women have something to say to all mums out there – it’s time to get real, to stop fretting over the scars and stripes and to start “feeling grateful for what (our bodies have) done”.

rebecca judd

Some mums snap back… and fast. Celebrities like Gisele Bundchen and Rebecca Judd, for example, seem to bounce back after baby in no time, but we shouldn’t forget that they perhaps have the luxury of personal trainers, Spanx and the most important secret weapon, a naturally thin frame before they were pregnant.

Some non-celebrity mums also lose the baby weight almost instantly. But not all do. And that’s just the way it is.

The truth is that childbirth changes your body. And that’s okay. Even with the right amount of sleep, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, many mums still have a hard time adjusting to their new bodies. Take Joanna Venditti, a Canadian blogger for Nesting Story and mother to four kids under five (including seven-month-old twins).

post partum collage

She shares her weight loss journey with her readers, including a number of photos of her body pre and post babies. This is what she had to say after delivering her twins. “My distracting, enormous but adorable baby bump had been deflated and I was left with mush, bruising, swollen ankles and healing from a c-section.  I had this sadness for my body.”

Seven months on, Venditti is getting up before her babies to work out, but still notices the difference in her body today compared to pre-kids. She writes, “I am the thirty-something mom now with four kids and I am really proud of that.  I am so much more confident with my body than I ever have been before.”

Venditti used the mantra, “My body is a vessel” to help her come to terms with her weight gain and prove to herself that what she was doing was worth it. “Anytime I start doubting my new curves or war wounds I look around the room and ask myself, how many other people in this room grew two people inside their body at once?”

rachel hollis

Venditti is not alone. Mum of three, marathon runner and founder of the lifestyle website The Chic Site, Rachel Hollis shared a bikini shot last week while on vacation in Mexico that went viral with close to 400,000 likes.

Hollis writes, “I have stretch marks and I wear a bikini. I have a belly that’s permanently flabby from carrying three giant babies and I wear a bikini. My belly button is saggy… (which is something I didn’t even know was possible before!!) and I wear a bikini. I wear a bikini because I’m proud of this body and every mark on it. Those marks prove that I was blessed enough to carry my babies and that flabby tummy means I worked hard to lose what weight I could.”

drew barrymore

And Hollywood mums are happy to admit the truth too. Celebrity sweetheart Drew Barrymore has never been one to shy away from admitting her flaws and she remains as grounded as ever when it comes to her body after babies.

“After making two babies, holy cow, does your body do some crazy stuff! It’s hard to stay positive and love yourself,” admits Drew Barrymore. “You feel like a kangaroo with a giant pouch; everything’s saggy and weird. But you think about how beautiful it is that you’re able to make children.”

So what is the message all women should take home from these three mums?

Hollis says it best. “They aren’t scars ladies, they’re stripes and you’ve earned them. Flaunt that body with pride!”

For more inspirational post-pregnancy stories check out the beautiful gallery of scars and stripes from real mums as well as the inspiring book The Bodies of Mothers. 

(via Nesting Story, Hello Magazine and Daily Mail; images via Instagram, Facebook)


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