Triplet hacks: one dad’s clever way to banish backseat battles

Whoever said necessity is the mother of invention probably had triplets. Dad Jake White knows surviving life with one baby, let alone three, means Jake has to be nimble, Jake has to be quick, and Jake has to innovate like his life depends on it.

His latest innovation is a little something we call car seat partitions. It’s genius.

Driving around with a trio of two-year-olds in the backseat was driving Jake crazy.  He tells BuzzFeed, “Stella, Jude and Xavier … were stealing each other’s snacks and water bottles. So, to me it was clear they needed some personal space.”

He cut two pieces of foam core, slid them between the seats, and voila! Peaceful car rides for all.

Facebook loved the hack.

Ginny Reese said, “You are always a half step ahead of the triplets!! Good problem solving!”

April Sullivan Chappell wrote, “You need to write a book on “Life-hacks for Triplets!”

Inevitably the trolls came out to play as well. Samantha Beach commented, “Those boards are dangerous. If you was [sic] to have a crash it could injure them badly.”

Jake wasn’t having it. In true dad style, he answered, “Samantha Beach please stop or go to timeout.”

Shanon Kkirk commented, “But they all look annoyed lol.” Jake said, “I can’t hear annoyed.”

You can’t hear annoyed, but when annoyance turns into three tantrums, Jake might be thinking about adding a sound blocking barrier as well.

Jake doesn’t think his solution is remarkable, just a logical solution to a problem. “I’m always using creative solutions,” he said. “You have to when you are outnumbered.”

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