Trigonos – the toy that lets kids build on their imagination


We’ve found the most incredible rainy day activity. Actually this is a brilliant toy for any day. 

Kids love building. Anything. No matter where they are, or what they have they will do their best to create something to play with, or in. That’s why the Trigonos is a winner.


At its core, Trigonos is a series of wooden sticks and blocks that join together to create cubbies, huts, shops, or anything children can imagine. And all the while, they’re subconsciously learning about geometry, maths and physics.


This is a great toy for smaller children, who can get adults or older siblings to help create a playhouse, or tunnels. And when they get older they begin making their own creations. Having said that the manufacturers recommend that children under four are supervised while using the Trigonos, as it’s not recommended to climb on the structure.


The structures can be purchased with different amounts of sticks and fabric. The family pack is €149 and includes 10 blocks, 10 roof-shaped blocks, 12 long sticks, 10 medium sticks, 10 short sticks, 10 mini sticks, 17 pieces of fabric and one cardboard box. The maxi size costs €249 or €299, but you will have to find a re-shipper.


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