Tricky twins born 2 hours and 16 kms apart!

twin babies

Nobody likes an amazing twin story more than us, so you can imagine our delight when this twosome entered the world!

Early arrival

Evie and Oliver Ward not only managed to defy birth time conventions, they shook up the whole same-birth-place rule for multiples too.

It seems that while speedy Evie was quite keen to make an appearance, little Oliver needed a little extra coaxing.

Norfolk mum Sarah Ward says she felt the tell-tale signs of labour five weeks before her due date, when she was out shopping on a Saturday morning with her son, Archie.

Swift entrance

Sarah headed home and ran a bath, but things progressed much more quickly than she’d anticipated. Before she knew it, her contractions were a very efficient two minutes apart. Woah.

An ambulance was called and husband James and Sarah’s grandmother readied themselves to possibly deliver a couple of babies in the family’s lounge room.

Baby number one – Evie – entered the world, feet first, in-tact amniotic sac bulging forth, just as the EIGHT paramedics rushed in the door.

“I was a bit scared, especially when Evie’s feet suddenly popped out and it was such a relief when they all arrived and she came out with the next push,” Sarah told Express.

Tardy for the party

When it became apparent to the medics on hand that Oliver was not super keen to join his big sister, Sarah was rushed to hospital – 16 kms away – for an emergency c-section.

The little boy was subsequently delivered, a tardy two hours after his twin. He had been lying transverse in-utero, so he’d needed a little bit of extra help.

Oliver required special care for several days, due to some breathing issues, but is now in tip-top condition.

Evie weighed in at 5lb 2oz (2.3kg). Oliver a titch chunkier at 5lb 5oz (2.4kg).

Runs in the family

Sarah – who has a twin brother and sister herself – found out she was expecting two babies at her nine week ultrasound.

“My husband nearly fell off his chair,” she told The Mercury. “But it was a happy shock.”

Both babies are now thriving and getting to know their mum and dad – and big brother Archie.

Sarah thanked everyone who helped safely deliver her tiny twosome.

“I cannot fault anyone on anything they did that day – everyone was absolutely brilliant.”


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