Treat cradle cap and other baby skin conditions with Billie Goat

Ten little fingers, ten little toes, the sweetest of smiles… and cradle cap. While we all dream of our precious bundle having perfect skin, the reality is that babies are prone to many skin ailments, including the very common cradle cap. There are ways to help soothe and clear this common complaint, including natural remedies, and a little help from Australia’s very own Billie Goat range.

Both of my babies were a little ‘overcooked’ at birth, and the extra weeks in utero resulted in dry, flakey skin. And then came the cradle cap. I expected my little one to have the hair of an angel. Instead, there was a yellowish crust overtaking his little noggin. Of course, I eventually discovered that lots of babies suffer from cradle cap, dry skin and other skin conditions.

Cradle cap

Here’s the lowdown on cradle cap:

  • It’s a skin condition, which is also known as seborrheic dermatitis
  • An overactive sebaceous (oil) gland leads to dead skin building up on the scalp
  • It can look like a thick, yellow crust on the baby’s scalp, but can also spread to the torso
  • Newborns are prone to cradle cap, and it usually clears by the time they’re four months old, as the oil gland settles
  • It’s harmless and painless
  • If your newborn has redness, inflamed skin, oiliness and yellow crusting on their scalp, it could be cradle cap

billie goat shampoo


Cradle cap will usually clear up on its own, but you can give the healing process a little helping hand. Here are some methods for treating it:

  • Massage olive oil directly onto your baby’s scalp every night. The next morning, wash off the oil during your baby’s bath, and you should find the crust has been softened. Then you can brush their wet hair with a soft brush, (like Baby’s First Hair Brush which is made from goat hair bristle) to gently lift the crusts.
  • Billie Baby 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner, which contains goats’ milk, calendula and lavender oil, can help to nourish inflamed and dry scalps.
  • The blend of olive oil and vitamin E in Billie Baby Cleansing Bars can also help to soothe and moisturise the skin.
  • This simple ritual should help, but the cradle cap may return if your baby’s oil gland is still overactive. And if it continues past six to 12 months, or if your baby’s scalp is particularly itchy, it could be a sign of eczema. So, if the condition doesn’t improve, make sure you take your little one to your family doctor.

billie goat soap

Billie Goat is 100 per cent Australian-owned and its range of products are the brainchild of a mum whose son suffered from eczema. Leanne Faulkner took to making her own goats’ milk soap after the family adopted a pet goat from the RSPCA. After plenty of elbow grease, and trial and error, Billie Goat soaps were born. Leanne began using the bars on her son’s skin with great success, which spurred her on to help others looking for natural ways to treat their children’s skin conditions.

The Billie Goat range has now expanded to include products aimed at helping those suffering from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. While there’s a big focus on products to help mums and bubs, the range works for the whole family. We all think our newborns are perfect – and Billie Goat gives perfection a little helping hand.

(This is a sponsored post for Billie Goat)

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