How to treat your child’s headache

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Whether due to another illness, exhaustion or problems with their eyes, children do get headaches. If your child is young it can be quite hard to know what’s going on. What should you do, and when should you be concerned?

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Children and headaches

Children do get headaches. They usually say, “My head hurts.” In a young child, headaches may be associated with an illness or a viral infection. In an older child it could be related to over-excitement, tension, stress or a vision problem.

For a mild headache, you may lay your child down in a quiet dark room with a cool towel on their forehead. If the headache persists, give paracetamol for temporary relief, and watch them closely.

Some headaches could be the sign of something more serious. If your child has a severe or recurrent headache, or complains of a headache along with a fever, feeling unwell, being drowsy or vomiting – contact your doctor or local hospital immediately.

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