Travelling with baby? For more sleep and less stress, pack the Fly Babee!

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Have baby, will travel. You bet! Have baby, will sleep peacefully on a plane. Hmm, wishful thinking? Not necessarily. The Fly Babee Sleep Easy Cover has just landed in the Babyology office and we’re super-excited about this innovative and totally awesome sleeping accessory. 

In just a few weeks I will be boarding a long-haul flight to the UK with my little guy Zack. An item that will most definitely be packed on top of the stack of nappies in my hand luggage is the Fly Babee – a lightweight, 100 per cent breathable, universal pop-up sleep canopy. Sounds practical, right? Well that’s not the best part. This hot-off-the-runway sleep cover has been designed to fit airline bassinets. It’s the first of its kind in the world and I, for one, am super-grateful for this sleep-saver.


The designer we need to thank for this clever canopy invention is Sydney-based mum of two Emma Lovell. The idea for Fly Babee first came to Emma when she needed to fly from Australia to the UK with her newborn Aimee. Like many parents who travel overseas with their babies, Emma was frustrated with how her little girl’s sleep routine was disrupted by lights going on and off, trolleys going up and down, distracting TV screens above the bassinet and all the other usual inflight bustle. Emma tried a makeshift canopy involving sticky tape and a muslin draped over the bassinet and found it was more hassle than help. (For anyone who has attempted this, you’ll know what a DIY disaster it is.)

Emma returned home, hit the drawing board and came up with one very smart solution – the Fly Babee Sleep Easy Cover. Easy-to-use clips attach the cover securely to the bassinet, while wide openings allow for minimal disturbance when taking baby in and out.The real bonus is that the Fly Babee canopy blocks 97 per cent of light and movement creating a cosy cocoon for your little one to snuggle and snooze. There’s even an in-built pocket to stash your smart phone so baby’s favourite music or white noise can be played via your phone’s speaker. Sleeping baby on board equals happy parents, happy passengers, happy holiday! We love a whole lotta ‘happy’ here at Babyology.


But the benefits of Fly Babee don’t stop there. As well as an airline bassinet cover, Emma wanted Fly Babee to be one of the best universal pram and stroller covers on the market. Fly Babee creates a dome-shaped cocoon around the stroller giving your baby room to kick, a real sense of space and lots of cross ventilation. Plus, it provides good sun protection (SPF 50+).


The ventilation aspect was extremely important to Emma during her design process of Fly Babee as she was worried about parents draping heavy blankets over their stroller hoods in an attempt to block out light while baby sleeps. Fly Babee beats the blanket hands down as it’s 100 per cent breathable, with no risk of baby overheating. And we love the very handy ‘Chance a Glance’ feature with silent magnetic openings, which allows you to keep an eye on baby without disturbance (no noisy Velcro or zippers here).


There really is a lot to love about the Fly Babee Sleep Easy Cover – it’s a dual-purpose product that’s safe, stylish and helps your little one to sleep soundly (ps. it has been endorsed by The Sleep Coach). I’m one very happy mama knowing I have one of these ‘Babees’ tucked in my onboard luggage bag!

Priced $99.95, buy direct from Fly Babee – Travel Made Easy, with Australia-wide and international shipping available.


(This is a sponsored post for Fly Babee)


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