Travel toys to make your next trip a joyous one


So far in my little girl’s almost three years of life, we’ve travelled overseas twice on long haul flights. I’ll be honest, we were a little more than apprehensive about flying in planes and being in airports for almost 24 hours straight. Images of crying babies, demanding toddlers and bored kids came to mind and stress immediately took hold. We learned how to travel with our little one by trial and error the first time around and by the second time, we had the ‘keep her entertained’ travel toys down pat.

But figuring which toys suit your child doesn’t have to happen the hard way. To help make that next journey a happy and enjoyable experience for kids and parents, here’s a few travel toys and activities from Delicious Baby that are tried and tested.


The general rule of thumb, especially for plane travel, is that travel toys should be light, small and not have too many parts that can be easily lost. You don’t have to spend a fortune either. For littlies aged over 12 months, the Pipe Cleaners and Playmobil 123 pictured below are perfect. The Pipe Cleaners are fabulous for open-ended play. Animals, letters and just about anything can be created with this incredibly simple and light toy. Playmobil 123 is an excellent choice as all Playmobil characters are interchangeable and it’s safe for toddlers who still stick everything in their mouths.

The Little Airport reusable sticker book fits the bill for older kids. What child doesn’t go nuts over stickers? However, regular stickers and planes may not mix. Reusable stickers are the way to go and a book to put them in is even better.

To view the entire list of travel toys recommended by Delicious Baby, go to their website.

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