Transformers – birthday cakes in disguise

I thought my parents had gone above and beyond when making my birthday cakes as a child. A doll who had an actual cake skirt? Yes, it was as amazing as it sounds. But it appears cake skirts just don’t cut it anymore. You have to get your cake to transform. You read right, the cake needs to move for the birthday boy or girl to be really impressed these days.

Have a look at what Russell Munro and his wife created when their son asked for a Transformers cake for his sixth birthday party.

The already impressive Optimus Prime is in bright red and blue prime mover form before a button is pushed so the cake transforms into the leader of the Autobots, ready for battle.

transformers cake2

The look on the birthday boy’s face is priceless – already dressed as his favourite character, he can’t quite believe it when the cake moves and changes shape. Even the party guests are thrilled, all cheering and giggling with joy when the truck’s doors pop into ‘arms’ and Optimus Prime’s robot head appears at the top.

Could you create this cake at home? Have a look:

The clever dad has even posted instructions on his blog for how to make the animated platform inside the cake for those brave enough to give it a go themselves.

I really hope my daughter is just as impressed with a good old chocolate ripple cake.

(images via YouTube)

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