Smart bottle sleeve tracks baby’s feeds, milk temperature and sets reminders

If you’re a formula feeding mama or expressing milk for bottle feeds, then this one is for you.

BlueSmart Mia is a new gadget that takes the anxiety out of knowing if your baby has had enough milk from the bottle, or is being fed at the right time – something that would be especially comforting if you’ve returned to work and left your precious bubba in the arms of a carer.

BlueSmart mia

A smart feeding system

BlueSmart Mia is a smart sleeve that fits snugly around your baby’s bottle and communicates important feeding info. It includes:

  • Temperature alert – to make sure bub’s milk isn’t too hot or too cold.
  • Angle alert – to help the bottle giver get the optimal feeding angle to ensure less gas in baby’s tummy.
  • Expiration warning – to prevent expired breastmilk or formula from being consumed.
  • Feeding duration monitor – so you know if your baby is being fed at the right pace.
  • Feeding amount recorder – so you or the bottle-giver can record the feeding amount using voice recognition technology.
  • Feeding reminder – a friendly reminder so feeds are not missed.

BlueSmart mia

An app for parents

For digi-savvy mums and dads, BlueSmart Mia also comes with an app that allows parents to monitor, track, and analyse your baby’s feedings in real-time. This means you can keep track of your baby’s feeds even when you can’t be around to give them.

Parent reviews

Mums and dads who have been using the tracker are giving it a thumbs up.  

“Before BlueSmart Mia, I had a journal for feeding, sleeping, and diapers. It’s so nice that I have everything in the app now, and that it tracks the feedings for me so I don’t have to,” said Daniela D’Amato

“I have a nanny and knowing when my baby eats is important. Getting that notification that my baby is feeding brings me peace of mind,” added Michelle Siedman

BlueSmart Mia retails for $149.00 and is available now to purchase online.

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