Toys Think for innovative fun


These interesting and inventive creations for kids, designed by Italian-based Fabiano Tadiotto of Toys Think, are polymeric clay toys. What is polymeric clay, you ask? Well, I wondered as well and it turns out it’s not really clay at all but is called that because it has the consistency of mineral clay in texture. It can be moulded and shaped to any object and then cured at a low temperature to harden. Once cured, the clay is incredibly strong and will withstand the daily rigours of children’s play – throwing it across the room would be one of these.

Now, I think the best part of these creatures are that each clay mould has luminosity, giving off light for hours after only being exposed to light for a few minutes – quite cool. So not only can they be faithful and long lasting toys but they can also softly illuminate your child’s room at night.

I’m sorry to say these little guys are just prototypes and not yet on the market but they are so different we couldn’t help but let you know about them.

(Via Plastic and Plush)

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