Toys and things with retro flair from Fanny & Alexander

South American toys

Beautiful Wooden Toys

Oh my, oh my, oh my. Would you look at how beautiful these bits and bobs are?

I would like to meet the creator and become their best friend. Wood, leather, wool and rustic charm. Could they be any more perfect?

The clothing is amazing and the little two tone ballet flats (US $77) are an absolute work of art. The stationary and prints are stunning and the toys, oh the toys. I have already confessed my status as a card-carrying toy snob and I can say nothing bad about Fanny & Alexander‘s idea of play.

In the war against screen time the best weapon is beautiful analogue toys. Kids will naturally be drawn to them the same as we are, they’re only human after all. The play cameras (US $44) originally took my focus but then I saw the fox doll with the matching costume (US $54)  and the tool set (US $55). I really don’t know where to start. There are rattles for the very little (US $21)  and cross stitch kits for the bit bigger (US $16), bags and blocks.

South American toys

All the products are made in Argentina and the materials are sourced locally. Some of the plush toys are made from vintage fabric and the wooden ones are hand carved from Guatambu, Anchico and Incense wood.

If you would like to get your hands on any Fanny & Alexander products just email them direct and ask for a catalogue. They will happily ship internationally.

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