Toy storage with a difference

toy storage

You know what I love about these storage containers? It could be lack of sleep, but it took me a good couple of minutes to work out what they were – art?, a stylish seat?.. ah, toy storage! Why was I so flummoxed? Because it’s not all that often you combine ‘toy storage’ and ‘aesthetically pleasing’ together in a thought.

Designed by Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy for Red Edition, the Bulle De Nua Grande Bleue Nuit (€185) is so stylish, it can be used in any room for any storage solution. The Petites version (a set of two smaller ones) costs €125.

Now, I can’t be too sure of any of the finer details as my French isn’t great (I spent what should have been my weekly French lessons smoking behind the science block and hanging out with a gang of people all of whom had mullets). From what I can gather, though, you can purchase three different sizes and group them together for a lovely design effect.

(Via Minor Details)

toy storage

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