Totokan OXii – a world first in non-wearable heart rate and breath monitoring for baby

There are lots of ways to keep an eye on your sleeping baby: video monitor, peeking through a crack in the door, perching nervously on a chair in their room ready to spring into action at the tiniest sign of danger.

Being responsible for such a precious, helpless creature can be so stressful, but the Totokan OXii video monitor – with new heart rate and breath monitoring technology – tries to make it easier.

The Totokan OXii is the world’s first non-wearable breathing and heart rate monitor. It detects your baby’s heart rate and breathing with wireless technology that syncs with your iPhone or iPad to give you notifications when you’re needed. Android compatibility is coming soon.

Besides detecting biometric signals, the Totokan OXii sends a high definition video feed to your phone with night-vision capability, noise and motion detection, and a microphone to talk to your baby. I’ve always wondered if a disembodied voice would actually calm a baby, but apparently with many kids, it works.

Although Wi-Fi streaming is optimal for the monitor, it also works offline at a range of 18 metres indoors.

The monitor syncs with Dropbox, and if you’re an expat parent, you’ll know why cloud storage is important – it lets you share the beautiful moments of your baby sleeping with grandparents overseas.

The Totokan OXii is expected to be available in late 2016 and will retail for around $267. Sign up to the newsletter to get updates.

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