Tori Spelling thinks she and Dean McDermott might try for baby number 6

tori spelling and beau

Tori Spelling just had baby number five, and it’s reminded her of just how amazing pregnancy can be – and sparked some serious pondering about a potential baby number 6!

From strength to strength

Tori Spelling, now 43,  first made her mark as Donna Martin in 80s cult favourite TV show Beverly Hills 902010. She was the much-gossiped-about and body-shamed 17-year-old daughter of TV mogul Aaron, back then.

Fast forward to now and Tori’s well and truly cast off the “daughter-of” tag, forging a career in her own right (thanks to reality shows So Notorious, Tori and Dean and True Tori) and creating a house full of children with husband Dean McDermott along the way.

Granted Tori and Dean have had their fair share of hiccups and drama, but most couples do and they seem to have found their own new normal and forged on, regardless.

Attitude shift

If you’ve been following at home, you may know that Tori gave birth to bub number five, Beau Dean McDermott, via c-section in early February this year. Beau is the baby brother of 18-year-old Jack (from Dean’s previous marriage), 9-year-old Liam, 8-year-old Stella, 5-year-old Hattie and 4-year-old Finn.

It seems that her latest little guy has sparked all kinds of positive pondering at the McDermott-Spelling home. Tori told People Magazine that being pregnant with Beau helped her recover emotionally from a difficult pregnancy and high-risk delivery – she suffered placenta previa – with Finn.

“I forgot how much I loved being pregnant,” said Spelling. “I love the connection. You are never alone.”

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I can't believe I've been a mommy now for a #decade It's pretty surreal. In 10 years @imdeanmcdermott and I have created out of our love and commitment to each other 5 amazingly special kiddos. I officially have given birth to 5 angels ranging from 10 to 8 to 5 to 4 to 3 weeks! And seeing how much they love and adore ( with a sprinkle of sibling rivalry) each other is the best gift ever for a mom! I love my life! #ILoveMyBabies #motherearth #mommoments : LIAM ( my 1st and yes I still call him Monkey;)) wants a camp out sleepover in our backyard for his 10th bday with all ten of his 4th grade bros! ( we had to postpone his party a little bc baby had just been born) Anyone have ideas where we can get or rent a huge tent or teepee for the kiddos for the weekend and camping gear? I know nothing about camping except it's going to be a fun party theme to tackle ;) #partypanner4life #glamping DM me if any ideas! Tori xoxo gorgeous photo taken just weeks before Baby Beau's birth by @elizabethmessina

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Complete set

Tori’s now thinking she needs to round-off her “set” of children a little more neatly, because it’s what the people want.  “All my kids have their little pair, so I would be open to one more. Hey, if people call you the Brady Bunch, you have to complete the Brady Bunch.”

It’s clear that it may be what Spelling wants too, as she doesn’t seem ready to shut up shop just yet. “Whatever is meant to be is meant to be,” she said of baby number six.

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