Tori Spelling is every mum who just can’t be any more pregnant!

Do you remember your last, gruelling weeks of pregnancy? That season when your belly is so huge you need a small army of helpers to help you lug it around, and the biggest challenge you face each morning is how on earth you’ll roll yourself from a lying position to an upright one?

Perhaps you’re there right now. We feel you, mama!

I can’t possibly grow any more!

If you’re feeling frustrated at your impossible dimensions and can’t imagine being MORE pregnant than you currently are, take heart in the fact that you’re not alone. Tori Spelling is right there with you. And we could all take a few pointers from this soon-to-be mum of five.

“Just kickin’ it couchside”

Despite being heavily pregnant, this mum knows how to kick back and relax. Sharing an impossibly-still-growing bump shot with her Instagram followers, the actress is spread out in front of the TV watching the American Super Bowl. For the uninitiated, that ain’t no quick game either. Tori will have her feet up for at least three hours (except for those pesky toilet breaks of course).

Growing bump, growing brood

The 43-year-old already has four children with husband Dean McDermott – Liam, 9, Stella, 8, Hattie, 5 and Finn, 4.

The couple, who recently celebrated 10 years together, told PEOPLE that baby number 5 is already so loved.

“This baby happened at the best time. Nothing is ever perfect, but I’m so madly in love with my husband and with our kids. The idea of adding to that is such a blessing,” said Tori.

We couldn’t be happier for the Spelling-McDermott’s. The countdown is on!

Embrace the belly

We know pregnancy is no walk in the park and sometimes feels less like a sweet glow and more like a hostile takeover, but embrace the belly, mama! Your growing bump is a reminder that the female body is strong, fierce and incredible.

I promise you, there will be a day (perhaps soon, and perhaps in years to come) that you’ll look back on photos of your pregnant tummy and be truly amazed that you grew life in there.

It may seem like time is slooooow, and you’ll be pregnant forever, but trust us when we say the discomfort is fleeting, and the reward is so, so worth it!

Are you, like Tori, heavily pregnant and feeling it? Feel free to vent to us on Facebook!


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