Top news posts for February

woman giving birth to twins in bath en caul

Considering it was the shortest month of the year, we certainly covered a lot of incredible news and features in February. Our most popular posts touched on birth photography, baby names and brilliant editing by a new dad.

Come and take a look…

birth photography shower pain

With more than one million readers having a look at this post, the most incredible birth photos of 2016 certainly hit the mark. These images were selected by the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) and will leave you in absolute awe.

hipster-baby sl

I will be the first to admit that I love baby names, especially unique ones, so it was a blast putting together these hipster baby names inspired by Aussie mums. These names came from the parks, playgrounds and schools of our Babyology staff and readers. Come and see the hippest of the hip in baby names for 2016.

husband note sl

What do you do when your wife leaves you a detailed note outlining exactly how to take care of your newborn? You edit it. Our hilarious post entitled wife leaves husband detailed list on caring for baby; husband edits appropriately, had us all laughing this month.

leilani rogers

The arrival of twins is always a joyous occasion and one that has been captured countless times by birth photographers. But not when one of the twins is born inside the amniotic sac. Witness the rare photos that capture an incredible one-in-80,000 birth.

en caul video cover

Our final top news post this month also features a rare en caul birth, but this time in video. If you thought the above photos were amazing, wait until you see this video!

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