Top five posts for May

Babies captivated the Babyology readership in May: what they eat, what to call them, and how to get them to sleep. Click through to find out why babies had us buzzing.

crawling babylove sl 3

We reported on the top Australian baby names for 2015 and how the comeback of classic names is still going strong. Revealing a heavy dose of royal inspiration, topping the girls’s list is Charlotte, and number two for boys is William.

bubbaroo nicole

The story behind Aussie brand Bubbaroo celebrating its 10th birthday was popular in May. Inspired by her own struggles with her son Jacob – a baby who was a terrible sleeper, suffered from severe reflux and who was losing weight – founder Nicole created the Bubbaroo Joey pouch, a swaddle pouch in a neutral colour palette. In 2006 it was the first Australian swaddle to hit the market, and Nicole hasn’t looked back.

babies r us out and about fb

All parents have experienced the anxiety-riddled juggling act that is going out in public with a baby. The only thing predictable about babies in public is that they’ll smell a plan and set about throwing it into chaos. We put together our list of essential products to make outings with babies easy peasy.

breastfeeding newborn baby milk mastitis sl

On the topic of feeding babies, we revealed everything a mum needs to express and store breastmilk. There are all kinds of reasons for expressing milk – cracked nipples, bad latch, mastitis, going back to work – but the process can be daunting at first. Our guide gives tips on pumps, storage, and when to express.

triumph breasts 1

Feeding babies makes a neat segue into a May post that cracked you up: the stages your breasts go through during pregnancy and beyond. Where are you on the spectrum? Stage one with a perky pair, or are you finished feeding and need a little push-me-up help from a great bra?

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