Top five posts for June

As we move into truly blustery, chilly weather, we look back at your favourite posts for June. Hint, you’ve got travel on your minds, which isn’t surprising considering while we freeze, the rest of the world is cooling their heels at the beach on summer holidays.

mum milestone cards cover1

Conventional baby milestones – first teeth, first time crawling, first tantrum – are always a massive deal, but these Mum’s Milestones Cards celebrate the hilarious unconventional wins.  There’s the day you got your skinny jeans half way up your thighs, the day you didn’t talk about poo at all, and that incredible 15 seconds when there was no dirty laundry.


The next favourite post is for long haul travellers. The Fly-Tot is a blow-up cushion that fits neatly in the space between a plane seat and the seat in front of it. For little ones, it makes their seat into a bed where they can lie down. For anyone who’s had their toddler’s hard won sleep interrupted by a flight attendant pointing to the lit up seat belt sign, you’ll appreciate that the Fly-Tot lets kid stay safely buckled up.

travel with kids 05

Our essential travel checklist was third most popular last month. There was advice about passport photos, immunisations, and most importantly a practical regulations checklist for when you’re at the airport. There were things we knew, like printing boarding passes at home, and things we didn’t, like the fact that a week-old newborn travelling needs medical clearance to fly.

Foldimate FB

On the home front, the invention of a laundry-folding robot caught your eye. The FoldiMate promises to change everything we know about laundry, folding stacks of clothes as neatly as a shop assistant in a fancy boutique. Due to come out in 2018, we hope the next model will also put away the laundry.

Makers Chest

How is your Lego stored? In a bottomless plastic bucket? Hidden in carpet fibres like so many pointy booby traps? The Makers Chest by Larscraft solves the problem of Lego storage. Inspired by Minecraft and envisioned by an eight-year-old boy, the Makers Chest makes storing Lego fun. The Kickstarter campaign is finished, so you’ll have to wait until production to get yours.

Keep warm, folks. Soon enough it’ll be spring and you can start reading about swimwear or comprehensive lists of what to pack for your beach shack holiday.


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