Top five posts in July

In July our list posts were a big hit with you all, from funny ones about what not to do during a school drop-off, to practical ones about the myriad ways new parents can pinch pennies. There’s also one featuring a certain favourite Scandinavian furniture company.

school drop off nice and easy sl

Some parents are organised and polished at school drop offs, and some, like our beloved writer Jenna look like they’ve been hit by a bus in their sleep (her words!). Our cardinal rules of school pick-up post was popular probably because many things ring true. Arriving late? The kids and I always seem to be running – for the bus, the tram, the bell – to avoid lateness. Showing up in pyjamas? Most of us have done this in the hopes of avoiding arriving late. And it’s always on the day that you run into chic mum whose fabulousness would make you hate her if only she wasn’t so nice.


New baby gear checklists crowd the internet and baby books, but do you really need a vibrating baby chair? What about a CD of a famous actor saying “shhhh” for 60 minutes? We’ve pared back our list to the absolute essentials, from things for safe and secure sleeping, to easy outings, and drama-free feeding.


Some people struggle assembling basic Ikea bookshelves, and others take an out-of-the-box play kitchen and convert it into something from the pages of a design magazine. Subway tiles, custom gold hardware, stacks of ceramic bowls. If we didn’t know better, this could be a picture of the kitchen of our dreams. Simpler mods made our list too, like the paint-dipped wooden stools, wall-papered step stools, and the Stuva storage unit made into a doll house with some washi tape, furniture and a big imagination.

new parents mum dad baby sl fb

Having a baby often means scaling back to a single income for a while, and with less money comes thoughts of budgets and pinching pennies. We came up with our best money saving tips for new parents, like hiring baby gear you won’t use for long, or investing in convertible items like cots that change to toddler beds so that you don’t need to buy a replacement for every phase of growth.

cabin fever sl 1

With cold weather stubbornly sticking around, our list of indoor activities makes the top five posts in July. Hide and seek, choreographed dances (to go viral on YouTube, naturally) and writing a book with kids make the list, but our favourite is offloading your brood on someone else for the afternoon. Of course you’ll return the favour. Eventually.


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