Top five news posts in October

portion sizes for toddlers

It’s been another great month here at Babyology with plenty of stories worth reading, sharing and commenting on! If you missed our top five news posts from last month, here’s your chance to revisit them again. We’ve got something for parents with children of all ages, from toddler to teen.

Here is what had us all clicking last month.


With an incredible 210,000 views in a few short days, our top post in October was our visual guide to how much a toddler should eat.  If you are a parent of a toddler and are guilty of worrying about how much to feed them, then this guide will certainly help.

japan healthy kids

Where does Australia stand in terms of healthiest kids? Well, apparently our Vegemite-and-tomato-sauce-loving kids are not up to the standards of Japanese children who are considered the healthiest in the world. Read through this to see what sets Japanese children apart.

doll in car3

Thousands of babies are rescued from locked cars every year and there have been a number of tragic deaths that have left us all devastated for the families involved. Our post about a police rescuing a newborn from a locked car in the UK sparked some serious debate. However, this is not your typical rescue story. Come and see why.

baby hospital deaths

The tragic death of seven newborn babies in a Melbourne hospital is not something that any parent wants to hear… but it is something that must be reported This story does not have a happy ending, but it does carry an important message.

claire henderson3

There has also been a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not to kiss your children on the mouth and this story about how one baby almost died after a kiss from a visitor with a cold sore suggests that sometimes it’s best to keep your kisses to yourself.

Check out some of our other favourite features from last month including the ultimate DIY co-sleeping bed, how to prevent anxiety in children and meet the family who were blessed with twins and triplets in the span of seven months!

Stay tuned for more parenting related news posts in November from the Babyology team.

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