Top five news posts in May

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My oh my, was May a busy month in the world of news! Here is our round-up of the top featured posts for May. Catch-up on the parenting headlines that were buzzing with comments and crashing with clicks. 

What made the rounds this month? We’ve got a baby name generator that is as addicting as it is entertaining, a photo collection that so relatable you will wonder if someone has been secretly photographing your life, a survey on the magic number of kids for the least amount of stress, a feature on a pool party invitation that will make you cringe and a story about a baby born at 22 weeks gestation that proves that miracles happen every day.

baby name generator

You’ve probably used a baby name finder before, but not one like this. Our article on what your name would be if you were born today let parents explore the world of baby names with a generator that uses popularity charts to work out what you might have been called had you been born at a different time.


Our feature on what stay-at-home mums do all day had all parents in stitches. This brilliant photography from a stay-at-home mum depicts 24 hours in the world of parenting to perfection, from running errands to making lunches.

Three kids family one

Is there such thing as the perfect number of children? Definitely not! But this post reveals how having three kids is a lot harder than raising four or more. The reasoning behind this theory makes a lot of sense – what do you think? Read our feature on more kid, less stress – survey reveals the magic number of children for a worry-free future.

pool party1

One mum had us all commenting when she shared a pool party invitation her son brought home that stipulated a dress code. Have a read of the invitation and her handwritten response in our mum hits back against sexist pool party invitation article. What do you think?

Premature baby cover

Baby Alexis weighed a mere 499 grams – that’s less than a can of soup – when she was born. This incredibly tiny baby thrived and is now a healthy five-year-old. Come and read her story that proves the resilience of infants and share in the study results that could change pre-natal care in a big way.

Stay tuned for more news, more features and more stories (the serious and the hilarious) that matter the most to parents.

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