Top five news posts in March

Variety is the spice of life and you, dear Babyologists, like your parenting news to be just as varied, judging by the news posts that had you clicking in March

From pictures that showed every baby bump is very different, to a mum’s day documented via selfie stick, a new celeb eatery where kids are welcome and the heartbreaking story of Brazil’s Zika babies, we had it covered and filling your news feeds last month.

chontel preg

The images that prove just how unique every mum-to-be’s body is was the post that topped the list as the most-clicked for March.

When fitness model Chontel Duncan posed bump-to-bump with her friend Natalie Smith for an Instagram photo, it took social media by storm.

The two women, who were only four weeks apart in their pregnancies, couldn’t have bumps that looked any different, yet became overnight ambassadors for healthy pregnancies, proving that pregnancy is certainly not a one-size-fits-all experience.

Then came the news that Chontel safely delivered her baby – a boy named Jeremiah. Everyone was excited to see his first photo, lifting the story into the second top spot for the month.

Chontel’s bub, whom she has nicknamed Miah, was born on March 25, weighing a 3.5 kilograms and measuring 53 centimetres long. Chontel was 39 weeks pregnant.

My Mornings are so different now… Miah 💙

A photo posted by 🇦🇺🇳🇿SnapChat👉🏽 ChontelDuncan (@chontelduncan) on

Then we had the story of the mum in Russia who was tired of her friends questioning her daily activities, so decided to show them exactly what she did all day.

Using a selfie-stick, she captures some of her moments spent taking care of her daughters (see pic, top). These are the unglamorous, unedited and undoubtedly most sincere photos that all mums will easily relate to.

jessica biel

Next up you liked the post about Justin Timberlake’s wife, Jessica Biel, who has just opened her own kid-friendly eatery in West Hollywood. She was determined to make it a family restaurant, revealing she knows how “terrifying” it can be to dine out with a baby. Hurrah!

sbs zika danielle2

Rounding out our top five was our closer look at the tragic and heartbreaking reality for hundreds of Brazilian mothers, left holding babies born with microcephaly – abnormally small heads and underdeveloped brains – a result of contracting the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

Yet, in the face of incredible adversity, was a tale of hope. The mothers are staying strong, determined to help their babies get through their early years while doing all they can to lessen the impact of the condition. And we’re so in awe of the selflessness these brave mums are showing, still so full of love and devotion for their babies.

Head over to our news archives to see what else made headlines last month and keep following Babyology for all things baby and beyond.

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