Top five news posts in July

As a new month begins, we never know what exciting, touching, hilarious or heartbreaking stories are waiting around the next corner. But we do love taking a moment to look back at the month that was to see what struck a chord with Babyologists.

From twins born holding hands to a mother’s hilarious twist on a virtual game taking control of the world, here are our top five news posts for July.

twins holding hands1

Topping the list is the story of an amazing bond shared between twin sisters, who came out of the womb holding hands. The incredible photo of Jenna and Jillian captured hearts all over the world and two years on, the gorgeous duo’s bond is as strong as ever.

chardonnay go!

Next came the hilarious antics of wine lover Dena Blizzard and her twist on the Pokémon Go! phenomenon. Instead of chasing creepy fictional creatures around her neighbourhood, Dena goes on the hunt for her favourite drop in a game she calls Chardonnay Go! We still reckon this should be a thing.

pinterest baby fail 7

Coming in third is another story we all can laugh at (and probably relate to). It shows the comical and absolutely priceless results when non-professional photographers try to recreate Pinterest photo shoots with their newborns. Who knew photographing a baby in a watermelon could be so hard?!

nappy mum 2

Of all the post-birth photos we’ve seen go viral, this one has to be the most honest and uncensored. The sight of Amanda Bacon wearing an adult nappy in the background of a daddy-baby selfie perfectly sums up the awkward reality mum’s face after giving birth. It seems the words she wrote to go with it also struck a chord, “I’m sharing this picture because it’s real. This is motherhood; it’s raw, stunning, messy, and freaking hilarious all rolled into one”.

news post

Rounding up another inspiring and entertaining month of stories is this mum’s heartfelt reminder that the dishes, laundry and vacuuming can wait while we take a moment to hold our children. The beautiful words of retired teacher and mother-of four Regan Long resonated with so many of us.



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