Top five news posts in August

Well Babyologists, a new month and a new season is upon us. But before we say goodbye to our beanies and boots and welcome September, let’s take a peek at what you were loving last month.

Our tongue-in-cheek labour manual, hilarious breastfeeding struggles and adorable photo shoots were among the tops news and feature stories in August.

15 things labour

The post of the month was this cheeky piece on 15 things not to do while your partner is in labour. Talking sport with the doctor, complaining about being tired and updating Facebook with dilation reports all made the list. Make sure you show this one to the main man in your life – just in time for Father’s Day on the weekend.

wee baby1

Next up we have a beautiful newborn photo shoot that blew us all away – no professional photography, fancy camera or pretty background required. All you need is your newborn and a variety of household objects. Come and see how you can stage your own simple yet genius shoot with our post on how one mum takes photos of baby next to various objects (and the reason is brilliant).


If you’re looking for some ideas for school holidays, then you will love our post on 50 things all parents must do with their kids before they grow up. From roasting marshmallows in the backyard to spotting fairies in the forest, these ideas will take you right back to your childhood. How many have you done?

breastfeeding mum funny 6

We also showcased a story for World Breastfeeding Week that highlighted the struggles breastfeeding mums know all too well. You know – the leaking breasts, the pump-n-dump dramas, the freezing cold night feeds… Come and share a laugh at what our team came up with.

Sam and Nia1

Our next most-clicked story involves the Rader family, who have certainly been under the radar lately. After Sam Rader surprised (and shocked) his wife, Nia with pregnancy news (yes, you read that right – and you won’t believe how he managed to do it!), the couple posted a devastating follow-up video outlining their miscarriage three days after their first video went viral.

sam n nia miscarriage

Recently Sam has been making headlines for getting caught in the Ashley Madison cheating scandal as well as for a fracas at a recent video blogger convention. Hopefully September brings some positive news for the Rader family.

Stay tuned to see what news stories we have for you in the upcoming month. As always, you can expect the latest in parenting news and funny features that will keep you informed and entertained.

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