7 Christmas trends on Instagram not to be missed

Merry Christmas phone

The Christmas season is well and truly upon us. Once upon a time, I’d rely on clues like the carols played in supermarkets to remind me to start shopping for Christmas presents.

But these days, the deluge of Christmas-themed trends on social media signals the start of the silly season well in advance, with lots of fun and festivity. Here’s some of 2016’s biggest Christmas trends popping up on my Instagram feed right now.

1. Elf off the shelf

It seems that cheeky little elf is getting sick of being limited to just a shelf in the weeks before Christmas and has gone rogue. Instead of Elf On the Shelf, we’re dubbing this the #elfofftheshelf craze.

He certainly ends up in some pretty interesting places!

2. The other type of elf

Who needs a toy elf when you could just dress up your cute baby in an elf costume, like Instagram baby @esmeelizabeth?

3. The Christmas tree flat lay

Using everything from pinecones and flowers, to socks, toys and tiny dogs, the fiercely popular Instagram flat lay phenomenon has revolutionised the traditional Christmas tree with some lovely (and slightly odd looking!) results.

4. Bad Santa photos

These are popping up more and more every year, under the hashtags #badsantaphotos and #santaphotofail. Those poor kids… you gotta feel for them!

5. The Christmas countdown

Numbers made of flowers, cupcakes, cookies and pine needles are popping up everywhere on my Instagram feed, like a sort of handy reverse cycle calendar.

There’s even a Christmas countdown clock!

And in case you want to start before the 1st of December next year, there’s an Instagram account (followed by a mere 120,000 people) that counts down 365 days of the year. Oh dear…

6. The advent calendar

While advent was once seen as something that was reserved just for religious families, there is a huge crafty advent calendar movement going on. The calendars come in all shapes and sizes, and are a sweet way to bring meaning to the season, whatever your beliefs.

7. The upcycled Christmas tree

Our favourite 21st century Christmas tradition is the amazingly creative ways people make Christmas trees. It’s been around for a few years now, but people are getting more and more creative every year, using everything from wooden palettes, sticks and felt to… guitars?

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What are your favourite Christmas-themed trends this year?


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