Top 10 Favourite Posts of 2009!

We wanted to share with you our 10 most viewed posts of 2009:

The Curio Avventura Stroller – the antidote to narrow spaces


As all parents know, there are some spaces we simply cannot go with a stroller. Teeny tiny little shops and supermarket checkout aisles are the main culprits. The Curio Avventura stroller is a machine created from necessity – it’s made to fit through the tiny 55 cm train station turnstiles in Japan, one of the most densely inhabited countries in the world.  Read more

scissors. paper. cake! for perfect little parties


I adore being a mum for so many reasons. And one of them is that I get to throw completely over-the-top birthday parties for my kids. In fact, I’m such a birthday party tragic that my husband likes to joke I convinced him to have a third baby just so I’d have another party to organise each year!  Read more

Combi Urban Walker – this pram was made for walkin’

Urban Walker aqua Urban Walker magenta

I wasn’t in the market to buy a new pram when I came across the Urban Walker from Japanese company Combi. After all, I had only recently purchased a new pram (even though I wasn’t entirely happy with it). But after I saw a demonstration and picked up the stylish, light-as-a-feather Urban Walker in my hand, I was hooked. The Urban Walker came home with me and the other pram now resides under the stairs and serves as a back-up.  Read more

Tick, tock it’s a Lego watch

lego watch

No one could ever accuse Babyologists of not supporting the Lego industry! We love Lego and have reviewed many Lego creations in the past (see them all here). So imagine how much kudos you’d earn with your kids by stepping out in a Lego watch! Read more

Serendipity – Paris at your fingertips


Parisian style is waiting for you at the Serendipity website. The site and their products are like none other. If I were heading to Paris, their shop – in the heart of St Germain des Prés – would be my first. stop.  Read more

Sweet Chickpea shoes

chickpea pink

As a shoe obsessed woman (and I know I’m not alone here), I’m incredibly disappointed with my daughter’s shoe collection. It’s not that she doesn’t have any – she has heaps – but that none of them have been worn.  Read more

On the shelf with Shawn Soh

tree shelf

You know what I hate? When you spend a small fortune on a piece of furniture such as, oh say, perhaps a baby’s book shelf, only to get it home and then see another shelf you much prefer weeks down the track.  Read more

Jennifer DeLonge – fab mod-inspired furniture


For many of us, cutesy simply won’t cut the mustard when it comes to children’s furniture. So we’re lucky interior designer Jennifer DeLonge turned her hand to family-focussed furniture design (she has two children of her own with Blink 182 rocker Tom DeLonge). Beautifully tailored lounges and chairs with a wide choice of fabrics, including some by Marrimekko, as well as unique and stylish storage options, characterise the range.  Read more

Llum Clothing – fashion that will be the light of your life


I confess I’m a wannabe beatnik, so the mod-dress offerings – the Miro and Redshift dresses – from divine children’s label Llum would be coming to live with me if I had a daughter or two. Read more

Striking and uber cool maternity wear


Anytime I hear the words ‘maternity wear’ I automatically think of matronly and old-fashioned design for pregnant bellies. This comes from having a difficult time finding hip clothing for my burgeoning bump a few years ago. Read more

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