Top 10 baby gadgets of 2015

There’ve been some amazing advances in nifty things to make parents’ lives easier, or children safer, in the past 12 months. From smart devices that combat forgotten child syndrome, to a little something that gives parents a helping hand – come and explore our top 10 baby gadgets for 2015.


The heartbreaking stories of children left in cars prompted the creation of our most popular gadget for the year, Infant SOS. An accessory that fits around a child’s car seat, it can alert parents via text message if a child is left in a car, and also keep them cool until help arrives. Infant SOS has now moved from the prototype to testing stage.

A device created by a Queensland grandfather proved to be one of our most popular gadget posts. Mother’s Little Helper is designed to slip between sheet and cot mattress, and play soothing sounds similar to what baby may have heard in the womb. However, this Kickstarter project, though popular, failed to reach its funding goal.


Taking a smart phone snap of your baby has never been easier, thanks to our next popular device – The Baby Focus. It’s basically a rattle that attaches to a smart phone, in a bid to get your baby’s attention – and the perfect image. This one was close to reaching the halfway mark of its Kickstarter goal – however, the word is that The Baby Focus is still going into production.


The clever Kiband was given the tick of approval by Babyologists, making it into our top five for 2015. It’s a watch-like device that aims to keep children safe by alerting parents on their smart phone if their child strays beyond a virtual boundary.


While not high-tech, our next gadget is in high demand. The Qlipter gives parents a helping hand, by being able to hold nappy bags in all manner of situations – not just on a pram. Clever, huh?

Mamaroo Product 8

Speaking of giving mums and dads an extra hand, the mamaRoo baby bouncer is pretty much like having your babe in your arms, but you’re hands free! It’s a bouncer that wiggles and jiggles in all manner of ways, mimicking the same motions for a baby as being held.


We very recently introduced the Moochies Phone, another watch-like gadget that’s charged with the task of keeping kids safe. In just a short amount of time, it’s managed to rocket into our top ten gadgets for the year, proving just how much Babyologists love it! Not only can you track your child wearing the Moochies with your phone, but the device can call two pre-programmed numbers. So if you and your child are separated, they can contact you.

Babymoov Babycamera

Of course, we couldn’t have a list of popular gadgets without featuring baby monitors. The Babymoov is the first video baby monitor in the world without electromagnetic wave emissions. Incredible!

Oricom Exclusively Mum

You also loved our real mums’ review of the Oricom Babysense2 movement monitor and camera, which proved a hit among those who tried it out. If you’re searching for a monitor that gives you ultimate peace of mind, make sure you take a look at what they had to say.

Steamy Train

Finally, this unassuming but very beautiful train snuck into our top ten gadgets for 2015. What does it do? The Steamy Train is actually a humidifier. The porcelain chugger sits atop of radiators, and steams away just like the real version. Very cool indeed!

If you’re a bit of a tech addict, take a look at the hundreds of other gadgets we’ve previously showcased.

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