Too Busy Sleeping – a sweet little book about introducing a sibling to your first born

If you’re about to bring a second child into the world, this lovely little book is for you. In a sweet and honest way, it shows the excitement and frustrations children face when a new little sibling is brought home. And the detailed illustrations are absolutely spectacular.


Too Busy Sleeping begins with Eleanor’s parents bringing her new little brother Reuben home to meet his big sister. Eleanor is very excited and just wants to play with her little brother but soon realises that he is always sleeping. She wants to take him to the park, to the garden and to play with her blocks but he is just too busy sleeping.

Too Busy Sleeping

Her patience soon turns to frustration as she realises that all Reuben seems to do is sleep and eat. Soon enough though, she catches him awake and plays with his little tiny feet and his little tiny fingers and she falls in love with him all over again.

Too Busy Sleeping

It’s a very sweet story – if a bit heart-breaking at times! – and one that will ring true in many homes.

Too Busy Sleeping is the first book by author Zanni Louise, who is from northern New South Wales. When she’s not writing, she runs imagination, storytelling and bookmaking workshops for kids, encouraging them to tell stories and embrace their imaginations.

The incredible illustrations by Anna Pignataro were created using a combination of pencil, watercolour, gouache and collage with vintage natural fabrics and recycled papers.

This adorable story can be purchased online from Fishpond.

Angie Hanke

Angie Hanke

Angie worked in corporate communications before having her daughter and deciding to throw caution to the wind and pursue a writing career. She enjoys playing with her little munchkin and hanging out with friends and family. She also loves writing poetry about motherhood, even though she knows it makes her a big soppy dork!

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