Tonka – built so tough your coffee table doesn’t stand a chance.


If there was a ‘traditional’ first Christmas gift in our home it would have to be the Tonka truck. We bought the first vehicle of our current fleet nearly ten years ago for our eldest son and we’re still buying them today for our youngest.

The durability of these trucks is amazing; my children still play with trucks that originally belonged to my husband and his brothers – a sure testament to how long these will last! If you’re reminiscing about your own Tonka truck days, rest assured that over the years Tonka has been replacing more metal parts with plastic for safety purposes, eliminating sharp edges. But the love is still there and they’re as much fun as ever, whether it be for ferrying blocks,  sand or even themselves!

It’s awesome that my husband and I are buying the same toys for our children that we had ourselves and I sure hope that one day I’ll be buying the Tonka brand for my grandchildren. In the meantime I can’t wait to see my Mr 3 (pictured below) open up the Toughest Mighty Loader on Christmas morning!

Rugged and built tough with a Tonka lifetime guarantee, you can’t go wrong! The Toughest Mighty Dump Truck and the Tonka Toughest Mighty Loader (pictured above) have a RRP of $69.99 each and are available from retailers all over Australia.

tonka 2

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